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A platform for the equestrian industry to create, manage and track online training and policies.

Suitable for training organisations, charities and equestrian suppliers.

EquiToolz is a brand new platform that allows equestrian organisations to use their knowledge to train staff, members, volunteers and customers. You can create your own training and policies.

At the 2019 NEF conference the overriding message was that equestrian organisations should be educating members and the wider equestrian community, and that technology should play a major role in this.

Create online training

Add your content, images, audio, video, interactive questions and attachments.

Make it available

Batch send personalised training link emails from the system OR generate a multiple use link and place it where your candidates can access it, e.g. on your website.

Monitor activity

See who has accessed and who has completed your training.

Monetise your training

Add a credit card paywall so candidates can pay before they take your training.

Work Smart

Your training works around the clock ... you don't have to

Further your reach

Deliver your training nationally and internationally

Simple Tech

Our service is cloud based so nothing to download or install

Pay Less, Get More

Our feature-rich service starts from just £25 per month.

EquiToolz only needs a browser to access and the service plays nicely with all manner of devices. We recommend you use a computer for creating content but your candidates can take their training how ever they choose; desktops, laptops, tables, phones, Mac, Windows, Android or iOS, it's all good.

Course creation services

From planning your online training strategy to inputting content, we can help. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Flexible Subscriptions

A range of subscription plans to suit every need

Simple training creation

Our simple but powerful training builder interface will have you creating training assignments in no time.

Multi-media content

Add video, images, text, audio and even downloadable files to your training assignments.


Add a range of multiple choice and free text questions to your training.

Training Modes

Training assignments can act in 3 different 'modes' which mean you can create assignments for Training, Quizzing and Evaluation or Surveys.

Invitation Modes

Send Email invitations direct from the app or generate a multiple use link and place it where your candidates can access it

Multi Platform

Your training candidates can complete their assignment on a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Training results

Easy to view status of your training activities, with option to resend (at no extra credit cost) an invite to stragglers.

Training Data

Create and export training activity data, filtering on assignment, invitation group and completion status.

Training Records

Maintain a record of all the training each of your candidates has completed.


You can choose for each of your assignments whether a certificate of completion is available to the candidate and whether they can revisit to review.

Unlimited Candidates

You can add as many training candidates as you like to your contact list.

Unlimited Assignments

There is no limit to the amount of training assignments you can create.

Unlimited Modules

Create 'modules' to collect your related training assignments together. A module can contain any number of assignments.

Candidate Tagging

Tag your candidate to make it easy to manage them. A candidate can have any number of tags.

Training Groups

Within a module, create any number of groups of candidates so that you can invite related people in one go.

Invitation Templates

Create and edit the text of the invitation emails that go out to your candidates. There is no limit on the number of templates you can create and use.

Team Members

Add extra team members to your account with their own log in, so you can collaborate with colleagues. Team members can have a range of access permissions limiting what they can do.


Share your own training creations with choosen EquiToolz users by creating a 'licence'. Control how long and how many times they can use your content.